About the Festival


AUGUST 8 / 9 / 10 of 2014

latinofst_ICON_01YES! now you can be scare!
This is a rotten, d-beat, crusty, raw, trashy, anarchist, anti-capitalist, violent, immigrant, anti-fascist, queer, noisy, fast, dirty, angry, illegal, goth, dark, post… but, Latino Punk D.I.Y. Festival happening in NYC!

Email: nyclatinopunk@gmail.com
Event page: fb.com/events/599006283475426
Website: nyclatinopunk.wordpress.com

Stay tuned for updates!

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This is possible thanks to: 538 Johnson punx house / Agonia / C-Squat / Dan @Acheron / Deskabezado Studios / Dirty Immigrant / Discos Huayno Amargo / EastRev / Histeria Records / Nasty Core Records / No Ego Discos / Parche Punk / Rock SUB Discos / Rosa Apatrida  / Sin Temores Records